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55% of Americans use the word "socialist" to characterize President Obama


If meaning is use, then President Obama is a socialist, and there can’t be any argument about it — if the American people are allowed a vote in the matter.

But leftist in the media and academia believe the language is theirs to manipulate and control, as it has been since the 1930s. Well, it isn’t 1936 any longer.

We live in an age when the word gets out no matter how much camouflage has been used to hide who you are and how you became infused with your deepest ideals and understandings.

At bottom what animates the unfolding of the socialist project and the agenda of the Obama regime is the rejection of common principles developed across the ages for whatever “pragmatic” and changing expediency is required to achieve particular immediate ends, especially for particular favored groups. Under Obama we have seen more and more of the economy falling under the direction of arbitrary bureaucratic control outside of the bounds of the rule of law. And there is no end in sight.

The road to serfdom requires little more than that.

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