Monopoly and Competition

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Europe's Internet Troubles

Monopoly and Competition


Internet access is one of the main drivers for economic and social development. No wonder that the wide availability of broadband access, as one of the main indicators of technology advancement of the economy, is shaping the agenda of governments. Everyone demands broadband access. However,...

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FTC and Intel

InterventionismMonopoly and Competition


Here we go again with real competition being portrayed as anticompetitive. The front page of the San Jose Mercury News reads, "FTC declines to probe Intel” because the head of the FTC is not moving forward with requests by Intel competitor AMD and lawmakers to look into illegal...

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Nothing New Under the Sun

U.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryEntrepreneurshipMonopoly and CompetitionValue and Exchange


There's no doubt that prosperity has smiled brighter and brighter on the last four generations. My grandparents, like many newly arrived from the Hell of Central Europe, lived in the attic above their ramshackle store. Their grandchildren however ramble around in what they would consider a...

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How to Build a Railroad

Fiscal TheoryInterventionismMonopoly and Competition


Like Anthony Gregory, I agree with many of the nominees for the "Free Market Hall of Fame." Unfortunately, as Gregory notes, too many good guys are...

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Patent Damages

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


Is that a verb or a noun? Some recent examples:

  • Qualcomm has been enjoined from importing chips that help conserve power in cellphones (
  • ...
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Unions as Central Planning Mechanisms

Big GovernmentLegal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionProduction Theory


Lew Rockwell on unions. One of my favorite lines from people is the one that goes, "Well, nowadays unions are awful, but the early intentions were good." The early intentions of unions were the same as the modern goals: to...

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Another Patent Tax

Taxes and SpendingInterventionismMonopoly and Competition


Just when you thought taxes and patents could not get any worse: Bush's Top Economist Seeks Patent on His Own Tax Strategy (9/13/2007) reports on a patent application for a...

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Open Source Patents

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition


Some companies are engaging in very creative maneuvering around the omnipresent threat of patents. The Open Invention Network (OIN), for example (Wiki entry), is a type of...

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The Truth About Labor Day

InterventionismMonopoly and CompetitionProduction Theory


Labor Day is supposed to honor all American workers. And every year, union Labor Day rhetoric does just that. Unfortunately, it then makes the false leap to the claim that unions advance the interests of all American working men and women, not just their members. In fact, despite unions' pro-...

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