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Competition, Monopoly and the Role of Government

Monopoly and Competition


Monopolistic abuses rarely survive without a basis in one form or another of special privilege granted by government.

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The Corruption of Union Leadership

Labor and Wages

06/27/2018Mises Daily Articles
Alongside the struc­ture of traditional unionism, there begins to grow in its shadow a murky pseudo-unionism of criminal behavior.
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Do Antitrust Laws Preserve Competition?

World HistoryEntrepreneurshipInterventionismPhilosophy and Methodology

11/24/2009Mises Daily Articles
The scholars, writers, and philosophers of a society have to be good or there is really little hope.
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The Kohler Strike: Union Violence and Administrative Law

InterventionismProduction Theory

This 1961 book by labor economist Sylvester Petro tells a story of the destruction of private property and freedom at the hands of unions.
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Power Unlimited: The Corruption of Union Leadership

InterventionismProduction Theory

A report on the May 1957 Hearing of the Senate Select Committee to Investigate Improper Activities in Labor-Management Relations.
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