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Fernando Monteiro D'Andrea

Fernando is a Management Engineer, a former business consultant and assistant professor and currently a PhD student in Marketing / Innovation. He is interested in applications of Austrian ideas in businesses and especially in how entrepreneurs guide the markets through innovation in environments in which freedom of actions is constrained. He is associated with Instituto Mises Brasil where he specializes in Business Cycles, Market Processes and Competition and Entrepreneurship. He is a 2017 Mises University Alumni and in 2018 he will be a Summer Fellow at the Mises Institute. You can visit his website at or follow him at, and LinkedIn/in/dodandrea.

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Review: Austrian Economics in Contemporary Business Applications

Book Reviews

10/14/2021Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The author illustrate how Austrian ideas—value subjectivity, consumer sovereignty, capital allocation, entrepreneurship, etc.—can be useful “to practical management problems” in teaching and consulting.
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Austrian Economics and Organizational Entrepreneurship: A Typology

Austrian Economics OverviewEntrepreneurshipHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

12/28/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This new typology of numerous strands of Austrian (and Austrian-related) economics provides some essential insights into the field of entrepreneurship and organization economics.
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Business Schools Need More Austrian Economics

08/15/2019Power & Market

There is a lot of misunderstanding and bad economics being taught to business students, forcing many into courses claiming that theory in economics is useless, and that ‘data’ solves it all. In such programs, we are in desperate need for an Austrian revolution.

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Brazil's Libertarian Renaissance: Why It Matters

07/17/2018Power & Market
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7 Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from Austrian Economics

Monopoly and CompetitionValue and Exchange

As Mises knew, economics "concerns everyone and belongs to all" — and this definitely includes business owners. 

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