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Is Gold Money?

Free MarketsMoney and BanksGold Standard

01/22/2021Mises Daily Articles
A store of value is not necessarily a medium of exchange, and in our current fiat money system, gold is not money. But it has most of the desirable properties of money, and there is much to learn form the process of how it became money in the past.
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Why We Need a Free Market in Money

InflationMoney and BanksGold Standard

11/20/2020Mises Media
A free market in money means real freedom to choose what money we use. This may mean people turn to gold and silver. Or they may turn to crypto. What's important is that it's market-based money.
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Printing Money at a "Constant" or "Stable" Rate Won't Prevent Boom-Bust Cycles

Booms and BustsInflationGold Standard

10/20/2020Mises Media
Money printing—even at a constant rate—is going to generate the same result as any other money printing. The reason lies in the fact that money creation transfers wealth from productive to unproductive enterprises.
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The Theory and Brief History of the US Gold Standard

U.S. HistoryGold StandardMoney and BankingMoney Supply

08/22/2020Mises Media
Bob explains some of the highlights of his newly released chapter for the Mises Institute book on “Understanding Money Mechanics.”
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Man, Economy, and State: Money & Its Purchasing Power with Robert Murphy

Gold StandardMoney and BankingPricesValue and Exchange

08/21/2020Mises Media
Dr. Robert Murphy joins Jeff Deist to breakdown Rothbard's exposition of money in an Austrian framework.
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Why Fed Bugs Really, Really Hate Gold

Gold StandardMoney and Banking

08/19/2020Mises Media
Fed bugs sound like real estate agents in reverse: there is never a good time to buy gold.
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Review: The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

BitcoinMonetary PolicyGold Standard

07/21/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This book is a rarity: a reasonable treatment of bitcoin from the point of view of Austrian economics.
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Why Governments Hate Currency Competition

Money and BanksGold Standard

07/10/2020Mises Media
There are some reasons to be optimistic about the future of free market money. On the other hand, the world's governments will fight true currency competition every step of the way.
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The Origin of the Prolonged Economic Stagnation in Contemporary Japan: The Factitious Deflation and Meltdown of the Japanese Firm as an Entity

KeynesMonetary PolicyBusiness CyclesGold Standard

01/21/2020Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
While Otaki appropriately criticizes stimulus spending, he inexplicably attributes Japanese stagnation to the failure to follow Keynes.
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Why Gold Still Matters

Media and CultureMoney and BanksAustrian Economics OverviewGold StandardMoney Supply

12/10/2019Mises Media
Why does gold still matter? Politicians, central bankers, and investors dismiss it as a relic, but the precious metal still plays a role in today's economy. Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals explains why.
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