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The US Military Is Laying the Groundwork to Reinstitute the Draft

Big GovernmentPoliticsWar and Foreign Policy


Not satisfied with the futile and destructive wars it has fought in this century, leaders of the US Armed Forces now want reinstatement of the draft. Instead, perhaps our government should give peace a chance.

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The State against Anonymity

LawLegal SystemMedia and CultureThe Police State


Governments are using intimidation to regulate independent journalists on the decentralized internet.

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The Central Bank Policy Interest Rate vs the Natural Rate

Central BanksEconomic PolicyThe FedFree Markets


While central banks use administered interest rates in hopes of emulating the natural rate, these efforts are always going to fail. Without free markets, there is no natural rate.

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The Oil-Price Shock Is a Direct Consequence of Interventionism.

The Environment


This is the first time in human history that the energy transition has been decided by politicians without allowing technology, competition, or human ingenuity to come up with a better, more flexible, and more economical alternative.

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Threats Against the State: Anarcho-Tyranny, Murder, and Legitimacy

Legal SystemMedia and CultureThe Police State


In the recent killing of an elderly Utah man by federal agents, the government shows it will come down hardest on those who don't pose realistic threats.

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The Eurozone: An Example of Failed Keynesianism

Money and Banks


We should not be surprised that credit in the eurozone is falling along with monetary aggregates. The entire burden of monetary normalization is falling on the productive sector, families, and businesses, while many governments continue to increase deficit spending.

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The Censorship Industrial Complex Exposes the Kleptocracy's True Intentions

Cronyism and CorporatismMedia and CultureThe Police State


Censoring and shutting down speech on the Internet is not a random thing. The people doing it are highly organized and almost always tied to ruling elites.

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The White House, the Fed, and the Economy: Mises Circle in Fort Myers, FL


Join Bob Murphy, Patrick Newman, Jonathan Newman, and Murray Sabrin in Florida this November.

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