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Driving Up Fatalities: Why Flight Vaccine Mandates Would (Likely) Backfire

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationThe Police State


As President Biden mulls mandating commercial passengers to have Covid vaccinations, perhaps he should remember that his move would increase the death rate from traffic accidents as more people eschew flying and take to the open road.

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Don't Fall for Biden's Latest Talking Point

Big GovernmentTaxes and SpendingU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


President Biden claims that spending money to send weapons and ammunition around the world is good for the US economy.

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Destroying Liberty Through State Protection: The First Amendment

Big GovernmentDecentralization and SecessionLawLibertarianism


Leave it to government judges and politicians to turn constitutional protections of free speech into new ways to centralize and grow state power. 

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Dollarization Puts Foreign Economies at the Mercy of the US Regime

World History


Some free-market advocates are pushing for dollarization in Argentina. But the devastating US sanctions against Panama in 1989 show us how dollarization helps the US exercise more hegemonic power over foreign economies. 

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Donate $5, Get Rothbard’s Greatest Myths!


Help us destroy the greatest myths of our time. If you donate during Fall Campaign, your gift will be doubled!

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Do Monarchs Always Have Low Time Preferences?

DemocracyWorld History


Hans Hoppe theorized that monarchs, as opposed to democratically-elected political authorities, would have lower time preferences and would be less likely to engage in reckless government spending. Unfortunately, at least one Medieval Danish king acted like a modern politician.

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Defending the Undefendable Investments

Economic FreedomThe EntrepreneurMedia and CultureProtectionism and Free Trade


In the spirit of Walter Block's classic Defending the Undefendable, Kevin Duffy looks at the "undefendable" investments and economic choices and finds them profitable.

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Dollarization in Argentina Will Not Promote Freedom

Central BanksDemocracyStrategyTaxes and SpendingWorld History


While the prospect of Javier Milei being elected president of Argentina is attractive, his plan to "dollarize" the Argentine economy will fall well short of hopes and expectations.

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