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Yes, Virginia, There IS a Deep State—and It Is Worse than You Think

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationProgressivismU.S. History


We like to think of the "deep state" as a conspiratorial entity. In reality, the term describes much of what the federal government does in broad daylight.

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You've Got to Be Kidding: Professor Demands Animals Stop Eating Each Other



University of Chicago professor Martha C. Nussbaum wants to save the world by preventing animals from eating each other in the wild. David Gordon (after pulling himself off the floor) comments on her proposal.

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You Don’t Know What’s Good for You

Property RightsPolitical Theory


While personal autonomy is a major topic of conversation, for Rothbard the most important thing is liberty, and liberty and automony are not always the same.

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Yes, Precolonial Africa Had Technology and Economic Life before Colonialism

The EntrepreneurWorld History


Like all other places, Africa has a more nuanced history than what people previously have believed. The continent was not devoid of technology before the advent of colonialism, as there were pockets of inventiveness and small-scale manufacturing.

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Yellen: "Recession" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

U.S. Economy


With inflation making workers poorer, and with midterm elections looming, Janet Yellen is doing damage control by arguing over the definition of "recession."

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Yes, They Were Socialists: How the Nazis Waged War on Private Property

Cronyism and CorporatismSocialism


The myth that won't die is that Nazi Germany was a fully functioning free-market economy. In truth, it was effectively as socialist as its supposed rival, the USSR.

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You Support Ukraine's Independence? Then You Support Secession.

War and Foreign Policy


In 1991, Ukrainians held an election and voted for secession. Today we’re supposed to cheer that. But to suggest something similar for a region of the United States? Well, we’re told that’s just plain wrong.

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Yes, the US Has Its Own "Sphere of Influence." And It's Huge.

War and Foreign Policy


Washington now claims to reject the idea of "spheres of influence" and pretends its own sphere of influence doesn't exist while demanding all nations fall within a US-dominated global order.

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