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Report from the University Francisco Marroquin (UFM)

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I have the great pleasure to report that I am currently at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin (www.ufm.edu.gt) as a visiting professor teaching three courses on Austrian Economics.

While I teach advanced courses on Austrian Economics, mainly dedicated to capital-based macroeconomics and its application to monetary policy and business cycle studies for students in the final semesters of economics and business, it is worth mentioning that at the UFM the students from all of its eleven schools and departments have to take obligatory courses on Mises' social philosophy based on "Human Action" along with lectures based on Hayek's "Constitution of Liberty". Additionally, the UFM offers a program to all students called "Socratic Dialogues" and is the host of many programs of the Liberty Fund. The Mont Pelerin Society will hold its 2006 meeting here.

Ludwig von Mises visited the forerunner of the UFM, when he was a guest at the Center for Economic and Social Studies in November 1964, and a year later Friedrich Hayek paid a visit to this institution. In 1968 Ludwig Erhard was here. Since the UFM was established as a full university in 1971, many more numerous foreign visitors — including Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, and Vernon Smith — have come to give lectures and to receive honorary degrees. The New Media Center of the UFM (www.newmedia.ufm.edu.gt) manages a vast on-line video library from where the lectures can be downloaded.

The UFM maintains two museums and an arboretum. The university campus is beautifully integrated into the lavish nature reflecting Guatemala's climate of having an "eternal spring".

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Antony P. Mueller

Dr. Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. Write an email. See his website and blog.

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