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Renew Your Membership and Receive a Copy of "Social Democracy"

  • Social Democracy by Hans-Hermann Hoppe


Polls in recent years suggest that young people are growing more enamored of socialism. But, they’re not embracing the socialism of Lenin or Mao. Instead, like many other Americans, they are attracted to what seems to be a kinder, gentler version of socialism: social democracy.

In fact, in a world that has largely admitted that soviet-style socialism has failed, social democracy may very well be the dominant ideology of our age. We encounter it everywhere, and we’re hearing constantly about how markets and capitalism are inhumane and unfair. Social democracy, we are told, offers something new and something better.

But this has never been true, and we fortunately have Hans-Hermann Hoppe to explain why.

This year, we’re giving away booklets of Hoppe’s essay “Social Democracy” to all our supporters who give $25 or more.

In it, readers will find Hoppe’s clear and concise explanation of social democracy, where it comes from, and why it fails as an economic system. Far from being a real departure from the socialist experiments of old, social democracy is simply a different way of bringing about what socialists have always wanted: the end of capitalism.

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