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Property, Civilization, and Culture: Mises in Reno

  • Reno 2023


"The foundation of any and every civilization, including our own, is private ownership of the means of production. Whoever wishes to criticize modern civilization, therefore, begins with private property." — Ludwig von Mises

Every day, more and more Americans are awakening to the reality that the institutions in control of this nation are failing them. From violence in the streets, inflation in our stores, increasing tyranny and censorship, and absolute buffoonery on public display in halls of political power. The ruling class is getting richer while most of us suffer, and new generations are becoming increasingly warped by the dangerous ideologies of the left.

Join the Mises Institute in Reno, Nevada, for an event dedicated to key issues of our time: Property, Civilization, and Culture. Our lineup will feature some of our leading intellectual thinkers:

Ron Unz owns and operates unz.com, a website heavily censored by Big Tech for publishing and hosting content dangerous to the regime. He is a leader in business, politics, and publishing and has long been a fearless voice of the threats to property, civilization, and culture.

Tom DiLorenzo will speak on how respect for property rights made America rich and the threats to capitalism being waged from both the left and right.

David Gordon will speak to the greatest thinkers of the Western tradition, a lesson in the ideas that American universities are seeking to erase from society.

Bill Anderson will speak on an episode that identified the modern race-baiting playbook of the corporate press, the Duke Lacrosse scandal, and its lessons for better understanding the culture wars today.

This event will be held on Saturday, May 20, at The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery, 325 E 4th St, Reno. Registration is $60 and includes a catered lunch. Tentatively, the event will begin at 12:00 p.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.

Students apply here for a student scholarship (covers admission only).

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