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Our Friend, The State


This website is dedicated to the mass-murder that has been committed by The State. Via democide and genocide, 174,000,000 people have been murdered by States in the 20th century, with no end in sight; that's more than 4 times the number of people murdered by war alone, which is also mortifyingly high (36,000,000). All of the people murdered by the State, head to toe, would encircle the earth four times over again, in a "megatomb" or "ring of tears".

There are other, equally mortifying, ways in which to visualize the State's murder. If all of the water or blood in the 174,000,000 people murdered by State-democide in the 20th century were to flow over the American Niagra Falls, it would take 10.4 hours for all of the water and 42.5 minutes for the blood.

Including wars and democide, that's 210,000,000 people murdered by States in 100 years. On average, that amounts to 2,100,000 people murdered a year by States, or some 5,700 people murdered each day. The real numbers are much more mortifying, since State-mandated death took place in concentrated clusters.

To me, this shows how crazy it is for anyone to support a State. Can anyone in their right mind really think that the State comes anywhere near close to saving 2,100,000 lives a year? Or that these lives would not exist without the State? The State is a perpetual Black Plague of Death. This is how States view people: as expendable.

Also note that the US is listed as one of the agents of democide: "in this century the United States probably murdered about 583,000 people (line 350), conceivable even as many as 1,641,000 all told."

The methods Rummel used to estimate democide can be read about in ESTIMATING DEMOCIDE: METHODS AND PROCEDURES.

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