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Mises U: "The Highlight of My Summer"

During Mises University this week, we will be sharing short interviews with some of this year's students.

Felicia Cowley is a first time Mises Research Fellow and a PhD candidate at George Mason University. She received her bachelors degree in economics at Troy University, where her professors included Mises Institute Associated Scholars G.P. Manish and Malavika Nair. 

Why did you come to Mises University?

The first time I came to Mises University was because my undergraduate professor told me about it. Because I love going after new opportunities, I went discovering it was the highlight of my summer! I met so many wonderful and knowledgeable people who love economics and liberty as much as I do. This year, I just couldn't wait to come back

What made you interested in Austrian economics?

I first learned about Austrian economics in my undergraduate classes taught by my fantastic professors. Since then, my understanding has grown deeper by attending seminars and workshops like Mises University taught by faculty who are experts in the field.

How does Mises U help you now as a PhD candidate?

Mises University enables me to continue growing in my studies in economics through its sessions and opportunities to learn directly from faculty who have come from a variety of colleges and universities. I am able to build my professional network of other students and professors which is helpful as I am entering academia.

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Felicia Aileen Jones works as the registrar and student services coordinator at the Mises Institute. She is a former summer fellow and a Troy University graduate, earning her MA in economics in 2020 and her BBA in economics in 2017.

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