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Lecture on Bank Mechanics


As part of the Mises Academy’s continuing efforts to provide ever higher quality service to students, in Robert Murphy’s Anatomy of the Fed class, in addition to the live lectures, we are trying out providing separately-recorded, higher video-quality versions of each lecture.

In the lecture below (click here for the slides), Robert Murphy walks you through an analysis of bank mechanics to be found in Rothbard’s Mystery of Banking (the main textbook for the course). The book, published for the first time not so long ago by the Mises Institute, is itself a wonderful pedagogical accomplishment. And now, to be able to be guided through it, step by step, by an economist and educator like Dr. Murphy, is truly marvelous. The opportunities for the public to educate itself regarding the science that Mises called “the pith of civilization” are expanding and deepening with every passing week, which hopefully bodes well for civilization itself.

This online course, as well as 5 other winter courses, are still open for enrollment at the Mises Academy.


The Theory of Central Banking | Robert P. Murphy


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