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Ex-Pol Discovers Entrepreneurship is Hard


Today's dose of schadenfreude comes courtesy of former pol David Bonior, who "represented" a US congressional district near Detroit for 26(!) years.  Mr. Bonior may be an ex-Congressman, but against all odds has chosen to remain in Washington DC during his retirement.  And it's an active retirement, since he has poured some of his personal wealth into two different Capitol Hill restaurants.

Mr. Bonior is now shocked to discover that operating a restaurant, even in the imperial growth city of DC, can be difficult.  He is shocked to discover that simply obtaining a permit to open a restaurant in DC is difficult.  He is perhaps most shocked to discover his own dark side: he would like to make a return on his capital investment in the form of... profit! He also would like to like to control labor costs, by paying the "tip wage" of $2.36 per hour.  Frankly, this does not sound like a living wage.

The Washington Post has the story.

Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute. He previously worked as chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul, and as an attorney for private equity clients. Contact: email; twitter.

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