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Austrian Economics Stands against the Collectivism of Progressive Thought

ProgressivismSocialismAustrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology


Progressivism is collectivist, anti-individual, and ultimately destroys civilization itself. Austrian economics stands against this force.

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Public Transit Projects Are the Perfect Recipe for Financial Disaster

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismProgressivismSocialism


The planned subway extension in New York City promises to be the latest financial fiasco in the mess that is the city's undercapitalized and poorly maintained metro.

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The Attack of the Subversive Elites

Legal SystemPoliticsProgressivism


We can be sure that the "natural elites" of which Hans Hoppe wrote are not among the Davos crowd. That group of "elites" has an agenda, and it is not liberty and free markets.

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Ivy League Law Schools and the Slow Death of the Meritocracy



In the name of "equity," the two most prestigious law schools in the country are changing the rules of admission and more.

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The New Racism of the Elect

Media and CultureProgressivism


In the name of "fighting racism," a number of writers and pundits are making social relationships between people of different races and ethnic groups more contentious.

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Is Democracy under Attack in Canada? No, but It Should Be

Cronyism and CorporatismDemocracyProgressivism


Canadian political, academic, and media elites "worry" that democracy in that country may be under attack. Actually, democracy works all too well there.

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Mill at a Loss

ProgressivismPhilosophy and Methodology


Murray Rothbard was no fan of John Stuart Mill's philosophy and neither is Philip Kitcher. However, there is a huge divide in how Rothbard and Kitcher view Mill.

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The Power of Woke: How Leftist Ideology Is Undermining Our Society and Economy

Economic PolicyProgressivismSocialism


"Woke" is not "fighting racism," no matter how it is phrased. It is about undermining a society and its economy, declaring our social and economic institutions as illegitimate.

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A Student Loan Fable

Bureaucracy and RegulationProgressivism


In the bizarro world of student loans, someone can borrow six figures without collateral or credit history—and then demand that taxpayers cover the loan.

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The Forgotten Lessons of Government-Enforced Race Relations

ProgressivismU.S. History


Judge Andrew Napolitano looks at the history of government and race relations in our nation's history. It's not a pleasant or uplifting story.

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