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Scam Baiters Take an Active and Entertaining Role in Fighting Cybercrime

Decentralization and SecessionLegal SystemStrategy


US government agencies like the FBI remain incapable of bringing foreign online scammers to justice. Fortunately, in their place, internet “vigilantes” have answered the call to action.

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The Biggest Lies of the Impeachment Saga

Legal SystemU.S. History


The latest impeachment saga simply confirms Thomas Paine’s adage: “The trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and the most rascally individuals of mankind.” Score another victory for the Swamp.

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Pennsylvanians May Amend Constitution to Stop Endless Lockdowns

Bureaucracy and RegulationDecentralization and SecessionLegal System


Not only will these amendments reduce the abuse of emergency declarations, but they will also help to decentralize power within Pennsylvania. While covid has allowed the executive branch to run wild, Pennsylvania is actually structured in a way that makes the decentralization of power easier.

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Troop Deployments in Washington Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Legal SystemThe Police StateU.S. History


Placing thousands of troops on the streets of the nation’s capital could be a ticking time bomb. The longer the National Guard is deployed in Washington, the greater the peril of a Kent State–caliber catastrophe. 

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Title IX Will Become a Vehicle of More Injustice

LawLegal System


President Joe Biden has vowed to put a “quick end” to the Trump administration’s Title IX regulations and return to Obama-era ones at universities. If this happens, there will be no due process for those accused of sexual misconduct.

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"Victim-Centered" Justice Is a Threat to Due Process

Legal System


A guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality is winning at many colleges where a “believe the women” ideology dominates. Now these trends are making inroads into criminal justice even off-campus. 

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California Voters Defeated Affirmative Action and the Left Was Very Surprised

Legal SystemMedia and Culture


Ideally, political elites would like nothing more than state-sponsored ethnic conflict. Having multiple groups pitted against each other in petty political squabbles makes effective opposition against the managerial class virtually impossible. 

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Election 2020: Choking on the Political Red and Blue Pills

Legal SystemPolitical Theory


Election 2020 is the same as every other election, only the state’s mask of legitimacy is slipping. 

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Trump's Executive Order on Race and Sex Lessens the Political Madness Thrown at Men

Legal SystemPolitical Theory


People object to government involvement in issues of discrimination, and justly so, but government is already involved to the hilt, and Trump's Executive Order on Race and Sex Stereotyping seeks to take several steps back.

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Despite Big Budgets, Police Are Catching Very Few Real Criminals

Legal System


At best, police data shows four in ten murders in America are never resolved and no suspect is convicted. Lesser crimes have even fewer resolutions. And if we look more closely, things look even worse.

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