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There Is Successful Governance Outside of State Power

AntipoliticsDecentralization and SecessionPlanningPrivate Property


"Government" and "state" are terms typically used synonymously these days. But good governance and good law do not require the presence of the state and its monopoly power. 

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Javier Milei Understands the Road to Serfdom



Javier Milei is trying to undo the damage created by nearly a century of socialism in Argentina. Mises, Rothbard, and Hayek were good teachers.

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Are We Really All in This Together?

AntipoliticsBureaucracy and RegulationMedia and CultureProgressivism


Whenever governing elites create a new crisis, they insist that “we're all in this together.” It’s time to ignore their lies altogether.

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What Is Happening to College Sports?

AntipoliticsFree MarketsMedia and Culture


As the NCAA Transfer Portal and the NIL programs change the landscape of college sports, critics claim it will "ruin" athletics. Most likely, it will make sports even more competitive and energize fan bases.

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When Medical Authorities Went Totalitarian: Understanding Covid Policies and Protocols

AntipoliticsHealthPoliticsThe Police State


The response to the covid-19 outbreak is better understood as a tool of the national security state rather than as a public health measure.

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Biden's "AI Bill of Rights" May Just Be Another Censorship Plan

AntipoliticsBig GovernmentPoliticsThe Police State


President Joe Biden is promoting his “AI Bill of Rights,” which looks to be an attempt to censor political opposition. Naturally, political and media elites are enthusiastically endorsing it.

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Friedman versus Rothbard

AntipoliticsU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy


Murray Rothbard and Milton Friedman didn’t only disagree on the subject of economics. They also sharply disagreed on the direction American conservatism needed to go.

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Understanding Our Disharmony

AntipoliticsCronyism and CorporatismMedia and Culture


Ostensibly to combat "disunity," political elites have called for Americans to unite over the "public good." However, the policies these elites want to put into place are the very cause of disharmonies in the first place.

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The United States Needs Its Own Javier Milei

AntipoliticsDemocracyEconomic PolicyWar and Foreign Policy


While the United States has not fallen as far economically as Argentina, the fact is that the present economic policies are ruinous. We need someone like Javier Milei to speak the truth about what is happening.

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Affective Polarization Is Making Us Dumber

AntipoliticsMedia and CulturePhilosophy


One way to combat intellectual atrophy is to learn from Ibram Kendi’s mistakes and do the opposite.

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