Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Introduction: Symposium on Time and Money

The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Volume 4, Number 3; Fall 2001 

This book is a long-awaited project among Austrian economists; some of the central contributions found in the book date back nearly a quarter of a century. The consensus of opinion is that it has been worth the wait and that the book is an important contribution to Austrian economics as well as to the comparative study of macroeconomics schools of thought. Some contributors tended to emphasize the unique analytical contributions of the book, while others tended to focus on its value as an expository device. Many noted that it could provide the platform for the next generation of Austrians to make substantive advances in the area of macroeconomics and capital theory.


Thornton, Mark. “ Introduction: Symposium on “Time and Money.” The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 4, No. 3 (Fall 2001): 3-4.

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