Vedran Vuk

Vedran Vuk has a bachelor degree of economics from Loyola University of New Orleans, and was a 2006 summer fellow at the Mises Institute. He is currently pursuing a doctorate of economics at George Mason University. He has contributed two chapters to the upcoming first-ever Ron Paul biography, Ron Paul: A Life, coming out in early September 2008. Visit his blog, Send him mail.

Latest work

Mises Daily Vedran Vuk
Anyone supporting drug legalization must reconcile their position with the existence of these coked-up hallucinating tattooed hooligans on motorcycles. Most citizens fear legalization would lead to the rapid decline of Western Civilization. With these “esteemed” gentlemen as examples, only the deranged could support drug legalization. That is, until one examines the specifics more closely.
Mises Daily Vedran Vuk
The political season brings promises to “bring us together as a community” and “heal the divisions between us.” Here is what the political class won’t reveal: their laws, programs, restrictions, subsidies — the whole panoply of interventionist measures they love and of which they promise ever more — are the main source of social division. In contrast, markets draw people into peaceful social relationships, and encourage and reward harmonious interaction among people.