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Tudor Smirna was a summer fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in 2001. He is now in Madrid, enrolled in the Austrian masters program created by Jesus Huerta de Soto at Rey Juan Carlos University. He also owns a small tea business in Bucharest.

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An Internet KGB for Europe

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyLegal SystemInterventionism

02/03/2009Mises Daily Articles
In the case of downloads, the great hunt promises to cripple the Internet. And HADOPI is only one of the state's tentacles.
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Romania's Stock Exchange: What Went Wrong?

Financial MarketsInterventionism

06/15/2001Mises Daily Articles
Financial meltdowns and exploding funds have discredited the free capital market in Romania. But was it a case of market, or government, failure? Tudor Smirna investigates.
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