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Kentucky Teachers Want a Taxpayer Bailout

Taxes and Spending


The success of the private sector precedes the ability to have any employment in the public sector at all. But teachers want the private sector to pay until it hurts. 

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Government in Action: Crypto Edition

01/16/2018Power & Market
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Why All the Post-Brexit Hysteria?

Financial MarketsGlobal EconomyPolitical Theory


Brussels is doing all it can to make the UK pay for wanting to leave the EU. This only further illustrates why exit from the EU is a good idea.

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Cartel Catastrophe: Saudi Arabia’s Oil Dilemma

Global EconomyInterventionism


With the past year's events fully understood and in context we can now make a more sound evaluation of what Saudi Arabia and OPEC might do next.

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Three Reasons Oil Prices Can Still Go Lower


Although many analysts are and have been calling for a bottom in oil prices, there are three key reasons why oil can continue to fall substantially further from current levels near $30 per barrel.

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