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Toby Baxendale is an entrepreneur and investor, and chairman of the UK-based Cobden Centre, a classical-liberal think tank that aims to promote social progress through honest money, free trade, and peace.

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The Selfish Gene, Social Darwinism, and Human Cooperation

The EntrepreneurFree MarketsInterventionism

10/22/2013Mises Daily Articles
Reason has demonstrated that, for man, the most adequate means of improving his condition is social cooperation and division of labor.
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Cobdenite Bills and Financial Stability

Capital and Interest TheoryInterventionism

Presented in Vienna, Austria, on 20 September 2011. Includes an introduction by Douglas E. French.
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The Rediscovery of Hayek's Masterpieces

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsPrices

09/01/2011Mises Daily Articles
An old Polish soldier who had settled in London after World War II exposed me to the teachings of Hayek when I was sixteen years old.
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Honest Banking in the UK

Jeffrey Tucker interviews Toby Baxendale, entrepreneur and chairman of The Cobden Centre, and discusses monetary reform and the spread of the Austrian School in the UK. Recorded at the Mises Institute on March 12th, 2011. [26:30]
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The Monetary Contraction of 2008-09: Assessing UK Money Supply Measures in Light of the Financial Crisis

Session on Business Cycle Theory II. Recorded March 11, 2011, at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. [15:41]
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