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Tho is an assistant editor for the Mises Wire, and can assist with questions from the press. Prior to working for the Mises Institute, he served as Deputy Communications Director for the House Financial Services Committee. His articles have been featured in The Federalist, the Daily Caller, and Business Insider.

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The Midterm Lesson: Unserious People Can't Stop the Left

11/14/2022Power & Market

This year’s midterm disappointment for Americans hoping the lunacy of the left would undermine the Democrat Party highlights that the very real problems we face will not fall under their own weight. Anti-human progressivism continues to rise, no matter how visually absurd it manifests itself.

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The Red Wave that Wasn't

StrategyPolitical Theory

11/09/2022Mises Media
Tho Bishop and Ryan McMaken break down the results of this year's midterms.
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For the Midterms to Matter, the GOP Needs More MTG, Less McConnell

11/08/2022Power & Market

Firebrands like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz demand a GOP-controlled Congress hold DC villains accountable. If the GOP refuses to treat Anthony Fauci like the Democrats have treated Steve Bannon, the party remains controlled opposition.

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Midterm Political Theater: The Pregame Show

StrategyPolitical Theory

11/02/2022Mises Media
How big of a red wave is on the horizon, and how much does it really matter?
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