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T. Norman Van Cott, an adjunct scholar with the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, is professor of economics at Ball State University, Muncie, IN.

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Voting Booths vs. the Marketplace

Free MarketsPolitical Theory

05/12/2003Mises Daily Articles
In democratic societies, elected political officials are the final arbiters of the government's marketplace do's and don'ts. Who elects these political officials? Surprise! The same people supposedly incapable of making informed decisions in the marketplace.
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The Census Song and Dance

U.S. Economy

01/01/2003The Free Market
As details of the 2000 Census emerge, commentators across the country are spinning "somebody done somebody wrong" economics to describe the US economy in the 1990s. Their recurring theme is that rich Americans got richer because poor Americans got poorer.
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Preservation and Private Property

Private Property

10/03/2002Mises Daily Articles
"Sustainability" is the doomsters' rallying cry. The slogan is clever. It sparks apocalyptic urgency. But clever slogans and vivid imagery are no substitute for clear thinking about the place of private property in environmental concerns.
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Direct from Chile

Production TheoryValue and Exchange

03/25/2002Mises Daily Articles
Many Americans probably feel that eating Chilean fruit costs America jobs. Think of the jobs that could be created, goes their argument, if laws prevented Americans from buying Chilean fruit. At the very least, we should all “buy American.” What a boost to the economy, huh? Wrong!
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It Still Doesn't Count

Legal SystemPolitical Theory

12/05/2000Mises Daily Articles
Is the recent election "clear evidence" that your vote counts? Not at all, say two economists. It shows precisely the opposite .
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