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T. Norman Van Cott, an adjunct scholar with the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, is professor of economics at Ball State University, Muncie, IN.

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A Tax on Imports Might as Well Be a Tax on Exports

Protectionism and Free TradeTaxes and Spending


The Constitutional ban on export duties has always been a hollow victory. Export tariffs are analytically equivalent to import tariffs.

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How a Free-Trade Zone Made the United States Great

Protectionism and Free Trade


The lack of trade barriers between the US states offers lessons for US trade relations with other countries.

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The Way Markets Allocate Goods Is Truly Amazing

Free Markets


Market prices will continually be gravitating towards prices where all willing buyers can find willing sellers and all willing sellers can find willing buyers.

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The Competitiveness Distraction

Free Markets

12/27/2011Mises Daily Articles
Professional athlete Albert Pujols is undoubtedly a phenomenal mower of lawns. Does this translate into competitiveness in lawn-cutting circles? Nope.
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George Mason: Protectionism at its Worst

04/17/2006Mises Daily Articles
Mason labeled the slave trade as "diabolical," "disgraceful," "infamous," and "detestable" immediately prior to arguing that slave owners' rights be strengthened. T. Norman Van Cott explains.
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