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Stefano R. Mugnaini holds a master of divinity from Amridge University. See his blog.

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What Will Keep Our Food Safe?

Free MarketsInterventionism

09/13/2011Mises Daily Articles
Many small producers are eschewing the USDA label as simply not worth it. The same organizational structure that has rendered the Certified Organic label obsolete could immediately step in to fill the void left by the absence of the FDA and USDA.
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Legalize It

Free MarketsInterventionism

07/12/2011Mises Daily Articles
It is not legalization but prohibition that should be considered outlandish and offensive. This should be apparent to the constitutionalists among us, who define the primary purpose of government as the protection of individual rights.
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My Nobel Prize

Other Schools of Thought

07/07/2011Mises Daily Articles
The "knotty problems" Gold describes are just the failure of the theories of Keynes and Friedman to adequately explain the recession of 2008 and plot a proper course out of the downturn.
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How I Learned the Truth about the State

The Police State

06/16/2011Mises Daily Articles
In a police state, we're all criminals. How many laws have you broken today? This week? This month? Have you changed lanes without a turn signal? Exceeded the posted speed limit? Hired a neighborhood kid to cut your grass and then paid him under the table?
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Is Immigration Really the Problem?

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyInterventionism

05/31/2011Mises Daily Articles
If we were all responsible for our own healthcare, education, and sustenance, there would be no immigration debate.
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