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Sascha Klocke is a PhD candidate in Economic History at Lund University in Sweden and is a member of the Austrian Economics Meeting Europe. Sascha holds an MA in African Studies from Copenhagen University and a BS in economics from Goethe University in Frankfurt, and is a Mises Institute Research Fellow.

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With Inequality, Some Is Fair and Some Is Unfair

Free MarketsLabor and Wages


Market growth can naturally lead to greater inequality. But government interventions often add their own, more insidious brand of inequality.

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Entrepreneurs Are the Key To Economic Development

How did the most advanced economies get to where they are? What can less-advanced economies do to catch up with the leading pack?
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Why Decentralized Economic Planning Is So Important

Bureaucracy and RegulationCalculation and Knowledge

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault shows how listening to the local experts outside the central bureaucracy is an essential part of economic planning.
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Sascha Klocke and Louis Rouanet: Can Austrian Economics Save Europe?

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyStrategy

08/05/2016Mises Media
Jeff Deist discusses the political and economic situation in Europe with two of the Institute's Fellows.
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The EU Is About Control, Not Free Trade

Big GovernmentGlobal Economy


Politicians like Juncker and Merkel speak of the EU as if it were a marriage or a family, to which one is bound by some transcendental duty.

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