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Executive Editor

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Ryan McMaken (@ryanmcmaken) is executive editor at the Mises Institute. Send him your article submissions for the Mises Wire and Power and Market, but read article guidelines first. Ryan has a bachelor's degree in economics and a master's degree in public policy, finance, and international relations from the University of Colorado. He is the author of Breaking Away: The Case of Secession, Radical Decentralization, and Smaller Polities and Commie Cowboys: The Bourgeoisie and the Nation-State in the Western Genre. He was a housing economist for the State of Colorado.

Ryan is a cohost of the Radio Rothbard podcast and the War, Economy, and State podcast, has appeared on Fox News and Fox Business, and has been featured in a number of national print publications including Politico, The Hill, Bloomberg, and The Washington Post.

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How the US Regime Subsidizes Immigration—both Legal and Illegal

U.S. EconomyU.S. History


Governments in the US subsidize immigration through a bevy of welfare programs. The effect of subsidization is predictable: you get more of what you subsidize. This is true for student loans, ethanol, immigrants, and more.

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America's Growing Banking Crisis

Central BanksMoney and BanksU.S. Economy

02/15/2024Mises Media
Ryan and Tho are joined by Doug French to discuss the health of US banks, the specific dangers of commercial real estate debt, and the risks of industry consolidation.
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The Problem with the Arbitrary Line between Legal and Illegal Immigration

02/14/2024Power & Market

The designations of "legal" and "illegal" do little to tell us about the productivity of a migrant, or the demands he or she makes of the welfare state. In practice, legal immigrants have greater access to public funds than illegal immigrants, and it shows. 

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A Short History of the Right to Self-Determination

Decentralization and Secession

02/14/2024Mises Media
Modern international law tends to grant a right to “remedial self-determination” only in extreme cases. Unfortunately, this position accepts that states ought to be free to violate human rights so long as the abuses fall short of war crimes and genocide.
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New Jobs Report: Full-Time Jobs Disappear as Fewer Americans Find Work

U.S. Economy


The jobs report is only something to brag about if one's definition of a strong jobs economy is one in which fewer people have jobs, full-time jobs are disappearing, and government jobs are a growing component of overall job growth.

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