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Roy A. Childs, Jr. (1949–1992) was a libertarian essayist and critic who counted among his early influences Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, Rose Wilder Lane, and Robert LeFevre. In the 1960s, Childs became friends with Murray Rothbard, and Childs's controversial paper, "The Invisible Hand Strikes Back," was published in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Libertarian Studies. In 1977 he became a research associate of the Center for Libertarian Studies.

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The Invisible Hand Strikes Back

Legal System

07/30/2014The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Surely one of the most significant occurrences on the intellectual scene during the past few years has been the emergence of a professor of philosophy at Harvard University as an eloquent and forceful spokesman for the doctrine of Libertarianism. Indeed, so much attention and praise has been lately...


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The Metaphysics of Power

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

01/27/2010Mises Daily Articles
Whether you are trying to understand the problem of growing governmental power yourself or are trying to communicate it to others, On Power can be heartily recommended as a stimulating and profound tract.
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A Note On Revolution

01/26/2010Mises Daily Articles
[ Libertarian Forum , 1971] "Revolution" has been defined, by all too many libertarians, as well as by most other people, as simply massive acts of direct violence. But "revolution" is really the application of Aristotelian final causality to the process of social and political change, and...
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The System Builder

BiographiesFree MarketsHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

11/07/2008Mises Daily Articles
For until Rothbard's work is carefully studied by every advocate of liberty, the value of his contributions to the libertarian system cannot be fully appreciated and, moreover, the unity and true historical context of libertarianism will not even be fully grasped.
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Professor Kroy on Contract and Freedom: Comment

05/22/1977The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The Journal of Libertarian Studies , Volume 1, Number 3 (1977)


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