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Robert P. Murphy is a Senior Fellow with the Mises Institute and Research Assistant Professor with the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University. He is the author of many books including Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action (Independent Institute, 2015) which is a modern distillation of the essentials of Mises's thought for the layperson. Murphy is co-host, with Tom Woods, of the popular podcast Contra Krugman, which is a weekly refutation of Paul Krugman's New York Times column.

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Why the Fed's Magic Trick Won't Work

The FedU.S. Economy

Recorded at the Mises Circle in Houston, Texas, on 30 January 2016.

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Robert Murphy: Human Action

Austrian Economics OverviewPraxeology

Bob Murphy lays out how we should go about understanding economics.

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Did "Tight" Fed Policy Cause the Financial Crisis?

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

12/16/2015Mises Wire
In a recent exchange with Janet Yellen, Senator Ted Cruz blamed the Fed for being too "tight" with monetary policy, thus causing the financial crisis of 2008. Cruz is right that the Fed was at fault, but he's wrong about how.

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Bob Murphy: Government Medicine is Killing Us

Big GovernmentHealth

Jeff Deist and Bob Murphy eviscerate the arguments for Obamacare, and discuss how to protect your health and pocketbook.

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Human Action

Austrian Economics Overview

Learn the fundamentals of the Austrian school.

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