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Robert P. Murphy is a Senior Fellow with the Mises Institute. He is the author of many books. His latest is Contra Krugman: Smashing the Errors of America's Most Famous KeynesianHis other works include Chaos Theory, Lessons for the Young Economist, and Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action (Independent Institute, 2015) which is a modern distillation of the essentials of Mises's thought for the layperson. Murphy is cohost, with Tom Woods, of the popular podcast Contra Krugman, which is a weekly refutation of Paul Krugman's New York Times column. He is also host of The Bob Murphy Show.

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MMT Follow-up: A Framework for Money, Inflation, and Debt

The FedFinancial MarketsMonetary Policy

08/14/2020Mises Media
As a follow-up to his discussion on MMT with Rohan Grey, Bob goes solo to explain the basic cash balance framework for thinking about money, inflation, and debt.
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A Brief History of the Gold Standard, with a Focus on the United States

Global EconomyU.S. HistoryGold Standard


Arguments over the gold standard are not merely technical disagreements. Rather, the gold standard often serves as a proxy for “sound money,” which was a central element in the classical liberal tradition of limiting government’s ability to wreak havoc on society.

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Adrian Lee Oliver on Police Abuse and the Pros & Cons of BLM

Media and Culture

08/06/2020Mises Media
Adrian Lee Oliver tells Bob his personal story of police brutality along with his critique of today's "anti-racism" campaign.
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Bob Murphy Debates Thaddeus Russell on Postmodernism as Foundation for Liberty

EducationMedia and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology

07/30/2020Mises Media
Thaddeus Russell, creator of Renegade University, debates Bob Murphy on the philosophical foundations that libertarians should embrace.
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