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1970s Inflation: The Narrative versus the Lie (Pt. 1)

05/24/2021Power & Market

The current narrative garnering ever increasing media attention goes something like this: “Inflation was extremely high in the 1970’s so the Fed raised rates and controlled inflation.”  But the true story is a bit more complicated. 

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It's Not Just Powell

05/17/2021Power & Market
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The Swiss National Bank's US Stocks: $150 Billion and Counting

05/14/2021Power & Market

The Swiss National Bank has been printing money to buy US stocks. It's problematic, to say the least, when the US's central bank does such things. It's no different when the Swiss do it. 

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Does an "Inflationary Problem" Exist?

05/12/2021Power & Market
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Joe Biden, Stock Market Hero

05/06/2021Power & Market
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