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Now That We're Officially in Recession, What Lies Ahead?

06/10/2020Power & Market

With countless challenges ahead, it will sadly be up to a handful of wealthy elites to steer the economy in the direction they see fit.

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Is the Fed's Latest Round of Stimulus Legal?

06/05/2020Power & Market

Unfortunately for the rest of us, all losses from the PPP will be added to the mortgage that Mnuchin and friends have taken out against our future.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Credit Crisis

06/02/2020Power & Market

When the Fed board meets next week, they'll likely pick one of three options. They're all bad, but some are downright ugly.

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The Importance of "Fedspeak"

05/28/2020Power & Market

Federal Reserve operatives deliberately use vague and confusing language to mask the fact that their own policies are in fact vague, imprecise, and based on wishful thinking.

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The Fed Does 60 Minutes

05/21/2020Power & Market

Powell admits: "We print [money] digitally. So as a central bank, we have the ability to create money digitally. And we do that by buying Treasury bills or bonds for other government-guaranteed securities. And that actually increases the money supply."

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