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The Fed Bails Out Big Corporations, Yet Again

07/02/2020Power & Market

Fed will now create money and lend it directly to “large employers” in America.

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Fixating on Consumer Prices While Ignoring Asset Prices

06/25/2020Power & Market
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Fed Accountability Is a Farce

06/19/2020Power & Market

The Fed now says of its "emergency" powers: "When this crisis is behind us, we will put them away." We'll believe that when we see it.

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The Fed Is Now Buying Corporate Bonds, Just As We Knew It Would

06/17/2020Power & Market

Should the risk of bond default, trading losses, interest rates risk, propping up “zombie companies” and countless other effects not be addressed by the Fed?  Few seem to care if it is.

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The Fed Will Keep Rates near Zero Indefinitely

06/11/2020Power & Market

The Fed expects to have “no rate increase at least through 2022.”

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