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Robert Aro

Robert Aro is a chartered professional accountant (CPA, CA) from Toronto who writes for the Mises Power and Market blog on issues surrounding the Federal Reserve and central banking. He is currently enrolled in the Mises Institute’s graduate school, working toward his master of arts in Austrian economics. In 2021, Robert placed third in the Free Private Cities short story contest with "Express to City Center ONE," which explores the endless possibilities a stateless society can offer the world. Passionate about writing and economics, he intends to publish in the future.

You can follow Robert under the name Econ Circus on Twitter.

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Quantitative Easing to Infinity and Beyond

Central BanksCronyism and CorporatismMoney and Banking

04/27/2023The Austrian
Every bank in America lines up to receive free money from America’s central bank. The Fed will eventually expand its balance sheet by trillions of dollars more, and they’ll tell us that it would have been worse if it weren’t for the Fed.
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The Path to Profitability

04/26/2023Power & Market
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Don’t Forget the Notes to the Financial Statements!

04/24/2023Power & Market
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Round 2: Reading the Fed’s Balance Sheet

04/21/2023Power & Market
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How to Read the Fed’s Statement of Operations

04/21/2023Power & Market

In 2021 there were over 23,000 people employed by the Federal Reserve System. Last year nearly $4 billion went to salaries and benefits and another $1 billion into the pension plan.

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