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Pierre Lemieux is an economist in the Department of Management Sciences of the Université du Québec en Outaouais and a research fellow at the Independent Institute.

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A Crisis of Global Statism

The FedInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

09/25/2008Mises Daily Articles
Some investors have come to believe that, whatever mistake they make, they have a right to their profits, and the authorities will enforce it. The rescue of Bear Stearns, the two GSEs and AIG will only fuel this belief.
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The Oil Price Mirage

Global EconomyU.S. Economy

08/23/2005Mises Daily Articles
The recent run-up in oil prices drew interesting reactions, writes Pierre Lemieux. Some analysts have tried to explain how reductions of crude demand by refineries can push crude prices up!
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The Anti-Capitalistic Inquisition

Big GovernmentLegal SystemTaxes and SpendingInterventionism

08/15/2005Mises Daily Articles
The continuous invention of new regulatory frauds undermines the gravity of real fraud, writes writes Pierre Lemieux. What we have seen since the beginning of the 21st century looks like a repeat of the witch-hunt of the 1980s.
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In Defense of Bribery

08/08/2005Mises Daily Articles
Pierre Lemieux makes the argument that bribes to state officials can serve a purpose of permitting more freedom from oppression.
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Political Lemons

Big GovernmentInterventionismOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

11/15/2001Mises Daily Articles
No government can live up to its billing as a semi-divine problem solver. Government intervention is not an alternative to the market; it merely creates a different kind of market full of con men selling very sour lemons.
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