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Paul-Martin Foss is the founder, President, and Executive Director of the Carl Menger Center for the Study of Money and Banking, a think tank dedicated to educating the American people on the importance of sound money and sound banking.

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RIP, €500 Note

Money and Banks


The ruling class of the euro zone has slightly backed off its plan to end use of the $500 note immediately.

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Postal Savings Banks: Not Just a Bernie-Sanders Idea

Big GovernmentMoney and Banking


Bernie Sanders wants to make the postal service into a bank. It has been tried before.

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Patrick Byrne and the Blockchain

Money and Banking


Byrne is a pioneer in broadening applications of Blockchain technology to decentralize institutions, including governments.

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Sound Money and Fiscal Policy

Money and BanksTaxes and SpendingMoney and Banking


Sound money is the most important check on government spending.

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The Skyscraper Index Meets the Supertanker Index

Booms and BustsGlobal EconomyMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


Ships aren’t cheap to purchase. But when financing is abnormally cheap and expectations of future business are rosy, it stands to reason that shipping companies would put in a raft of orders.

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