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Drewnowski's Economic Theory of Socialism

07/20/2005Articles of Interest
" Drewnowski's Economic Theory of Socialism," Journal of Political Economy , Vol . 76, No. 4, Part I (July/August 1968), pp . 645–650.
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Free Trade: The Current Debate

Political Theory

03/18/2004Mises Media
Paul Craig Roberts debates Free Trade at the 2004 Austrian Scholars Conference.
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Clarifications on the Case for Free Trade

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyMonopoly and CompetitionValue and Exchange

01/10/2004Mises Daily Articles
The case for free trade is based on David Ricardo’s principle of comparative advantage. Ricardo addressed the question how trade could take place between country A and country B (England and Portugal in his example) if country B was more efficient in the production of tradable goods (cloth and wine...
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