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Patrick Barron is a private consultant to the banking industry. He has taught an introductory course in Austrian economics for several years at the University of Iowa. He has also taught at the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin for over twenty-five years, and has delivered many presentations at the European Parliament.

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The Fed Cannot Go Bankrupt; However, It Can Bankrupt the Country

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The Keynesians running our economic life may be reassured that the Fed cannot fail in a technical sense, but the public should be appalled.

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How Bad Is Currency Debasement of the Dollar? (And Is There Anything We Can Do about It?)

04/02/2022Power & Market
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A Very Short Primer on What Causes Inflation

03/29/2022Power & Market
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End Legal Tender Laws

01/14/2022Power & Market
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The Real Problem with San Francisco

12/27/2021Power & Market
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