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JoAnn Beatrice Schumacher Rothbard (1928-1999)


10/30/1999Mises Daily Articles
She was Murray's "indispensable framework" and a scholar in her own right.
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Austrians on the Nobel

The FedFinancial MarketsFree MarketsGold StandardMoney and Banking

10/20/1999Mises Daily Articles
Robert Mundell's economics, both praised and criticized from an Austrian perspective. (Comments from scholars)
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Socialism, Ten Years Later

Global EconomyPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

09/27/1999Mises Daily Articles
Has capitalism triumphed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and, if so, what type? (A news item from the Wall Street Journal )
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The Scholars Edition

History of the Austrian School of Economics

09/15/1999Mises Daily Articles
On the 50th anniversary of its publication, the 1st edition is re-released with a new introduction, expanded index, and spectacular production values.
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Education: Free and Compulsory

Big GovernmentEducationPolitical Theory

09/09/1999Mises Daily Articles
A radical manifesto by Murray N. Rothbard, restored to the original and back in print after two decades.
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