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Give Me Vodka or Give Me Death

InterventionismMonopoly and CompetitionOther Schools of Thought

12/04/2006Mises Daily Articles
A free market of alcohol would become a lucrative market for countless people if left in private hands. By monopolizing it, the Russian government takes bread from the mouths of average families.
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Fears of a "Brain Drain"

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyEntrepreneurship

11/27/2006Mises Daily Articles
Free movement of capital, including human capital, is one of the pillars of prosperity. What explains this migration is not the political will of some evil western countries, but the price system that does an excellent job in directing capital where it can be the most productive.
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Shortages, Bloody Shortages

Free MarketsHealthPrivate Property

10/31/2006Mises Daily Articles
Without a market for blood, people will die. Do we really want to sacrifice more lives in service to the god of socialist economic management?
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