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Matheus Fialho Vieira

Matheus Fialho Vieira is a Brazilian Electronic engineering student and currently works for the metals industry, in Belo Horizonte.

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How the Private Sector Is Fighting the Pandemic

04/06/2020Power & Market

While the CDC and the FDA work to stymie testing efforts, many in the private sector have been stepping in to provide more of many badly needed products and services.

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Trade Sanctions Are Both Immoral and Ineffective

Protectionism and Free TradeWar and Foreign Policy


Sanctions have a long history of failure. The US government's recent sanctions on Iran will likely be no different, but they will certainly be harmful to the Iranian people.

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Chile Is in Danger of Becoming Just Another Crisis-Ridden Latin American Country

Media and CultureSocialismWorld History


Axel Kaiser writes that Chileans’ “advantage is due to an historical accident, which is now coming to an end” and predicted that “Chile will show, in the coming years, that it is nothing more than any other Latin-American country.”

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Brazilian Socialism Shows Us How Not To Take Care of Forests

The Environment


Brazil — and its longtime disregard for property rights — has shown us how not to manage forest lands. Current calls for government solutions to forest fires do nothing to offer real solutions.

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Brazil's Left Is Cracking Down on Free Speech

World History


Brazilian authorities here are discontented with our rising skepticism of the state — and they are willing to silence the dissidents.

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