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Kevin Dowd is professor of finance and economics at Durham University in the United Kingdom. He is a lifelong libertarian and his thinking is heavily influenced by Austrian and Public Choice economics. His main areas of interest are free banking, central banking and private money. Dr. Dowd is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, research fellow of the Independent Institute, senior fellow of the Adam Smith Institute (London) and of the Cobden Centre for Honest Money and Social Progress, and member of Economists for Free Trade (formerly Economists for Brexit). Among his books, he is editor (with Richard Timberlake) of the book, Money and the Nation State: The Financial Revolution, Government, and the World Monetary System.

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The Rise and Fall of Trussonomics

Big GovernmentEuropeFree MarketsStrategy


In presenting her economic plan, Liz Truss failed spectacularly on one thing: cutting spending. Otherwise, a "tax cut" is not a tax cut at all.

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The War on Cash Is Even Worse than It Seems

Money and BanksMoney and Banking


The abolition of cash threatens to cause widespread economic damage and have a devastating impact on many of the most vulnerable in our society.

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Kevin Dowd: Against Monetary Stimulus

The FedMoney and BanksTaxes and Spending

04/06/2018Mises Media
Kevin Dowd explains how policies like negative interest rates not only reflect bad economic thinking, but also pose a danger to the civil liberties.
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The Failure of Monetary Stimulus

Financial MarketsGlobal EconomyStrategy

03/27/2018Mises Media
Kevin Dowd presents the 2018 Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture.
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The Current Financial Crisis — and After

Free MarketsInterventionismMoney and BankingOther Schools of Thought

04/09/2010Mises Daily Articles
"The pensions/social security system is an intergenerational Ponzi scheme, the biggest scam ever invented."
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