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Karl Hess (1923–1994) was an American national-level speechwriter and author. His career included stints on the Republican Right and the New Left before he became a libertarian anarchist. The documentary film Karl Hess: Toward Liberty won the Academy Award for best short documentary in 1981.

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The Death of Politics

Political Theory

03/07/2012Mises Media
Originally published in Playboy in March 1969, this essay is narrated by Jeff Riggenbach. Music by Kevin MacLeod.
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Coming Home

Free MarketsEntrepreneurship

04/15/2011Mises Daily Articles
It is better to live self-realized and self-responsible than to live dominated or on the end of strings that are pulled or cut by those wearing the masks of power.
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The Lawless State

Big GovernmentEntrepreneurshipInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

10/30/2009Mises Daily Articles
"Where the state is god and the 'public interest' worshipped, individual man will be found bleeding upon the altar."
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The Death of Politics

Big GovernmentOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

10/16/2009Mises Daily Articles
"Libertarianism is rejected by the modern Left — which preaches individualism but practices collectivism. Capitalism is rejected by the modern Right — which preaches enterprise but practices protectionism."
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