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Joakim Book is a writer and professional editor. He holds degrees in economics and financial history from the University of Glasgow and University of Oxford, and was a Mises summer fellow in 2017. His main research interests are monetary economics and the history of central banks. 

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Central Planners Don't Know What's Best for You



Flawed as we are and with limited knowledge about the world and ourselves, we might not know what is objectively “best for us long term.” Government planners know even less.

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Who Needs Personal Responsibility When We Can Just Trust Our Overlords?



Across so many fields, from money to nutrition, I’ve found that the corollary to the government-heavy approach is a desire not to make choices for oneself.

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Why Interventionist Economists Love to Talk about Externalities

Property Rights

11/03/2021Mises Media
Step 1: claim that only government can solve the problem of "externalities." Step 2: claim that externalities are everywhere. Step 3: send in bureaucrats to solve every "problem" caused by externalities.
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How the West Pushed back the Frontiers of Death

World History

10/28/2021Mises Media
Thanks to capital accumulation and other innovations in the West, life expectancy grew beyond anything previously imagined. The benefits spread from there.
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How Science So Often Devolves into Quick Fixes and Quackery

Book Reviews


One mistake we make is to assume that the people who shout the loudest about their research must thus be right, or even know what they’re talking about.

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