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Jeremie T.A. Rostan

Jérémie T.A. Rostan is "agrégé de philosophie." He teaches philosophy and economics in San Francisco, California. He wrote a study guide to Carl Menger's Principles of Economics, prepared in 2008 for distribution through PDF Send him mail.

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It Is Not the Aggregate Demand, Stupid!

Mises DailyMay 4, 2010
"The very idea of a shortage of aggregate demand is absolutely meaningless."...

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Is America Struggling with Hunger?

Mises DailyOctober 28, 2009
"Thus, the famous 'one-in-eight' hungry Americans include all Americans living in households that, until 2005, were described as food insecure, but without hunger ."...

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Can the "Mimetic Effect" Explain Speculative Bubbles?

Mises DailyJune 25, 2009
Artificial credit created by a deceptively low rate of interest leads to speculative bubbles.

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Political Power and Economic Ignorance

Mises DailyOctober 9, 2008
Economic knowledge gets more valuable as the economy worsens; but the economy worsens according to the level of political intervention — which is a function of economic ignorance...

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"Let the Market Solve the Energy Crisis"

Mises DailyJuly 16, 2008
ExxonMobil, lacking access to countries amenable to oil exploration, has invested less in finding new oil in 2007 that it did back in 1981.

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