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Jeff Riggenbach was a journalist, author, editor, broadcaster, and educator. A member of the Organization of American Historians and a senior fellow at the Randolph Bourne Institute, he wrote for such newspapers as the New York Times, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle; such magazines as Reason, Inquiry, and Liberty; and such websites as,, and His books include In Praise of Decadence (1998), Why American History Is Not What They Say: An Introduction to Revisionism (2009), and Persuaded by Reason: Joan Kennedy Taylor & the Rebirth of American Individualism (2014). Drawing on vocal skills he honed in classical and all-news radio in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston, Riggenbach also narrated the audiobook versions of numerous libertarian works, many of them available on

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The Real William Graham Sumner

BiographiesFree MarketsInterventionism

08/25/2020Mises Daily Articles
Sumner is wrongly accused of being a "social Darwinist." Indeed, there is considerable evidence that the entire concept of "social Darwinism" as we know it today was virtually invented decades after Sumner's death.
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Why American History Is Not What They Say

U.S. History

Jeff Riggenbach's book is a crash course in revisionist history of the United States. What is revisionism? It is the retelling of history from a point of view that differs from the mainstream, which always treats the victor — the state — as glorious and the conquered — individual liberty — as...
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Gore Vidal and Revisionism

BiographiesU.S. History

08/03/2012Mises Daily Articles
Gore Vidal's "American Chronicle" series proved that there was, in fact, a substantial market for skepticism about the glorious American past.
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The Education of Robert Neuwirth

BiographiesFree MarketsGlobal Economy

11/28/2011Mises Daily Articles
Robert Neuwirth is a journalist who is preoccupied with this question: What do people do when the state has made satisfaction of their wants, their natural desire to improve their lives, almost impossible? He'll give you much to think about, and he'll provide much contemporary evidence while he's...
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Robert Bidinotto and the Objectivist Subculture

Free MarketsMedia and CultureOther Schools of Thought

08/19/2011Mises Daily Articles
Rand's heroes weren't generals or people in law enforcement; they were engineers, inventors, designers — people focused on what they could do with their lives.
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