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Jean Vilbert holds a Bachelors and a Masters of Law. He is currently a Judge and Professor in São Paulo, Brazil.

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6 Reasons Why the Most Hated Politician in Latin America Became President of Brazil



For many Brazilian voters, Jair Bolsonaro offered a chance to break with decades of failed economic policies. Time will tell if they were right.

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When Billionaires Want to Get Rid of Capitalism


When asked why they do not just give their money away voluntarily, some billionaires suddenly decide cooperation isn't all that great after all.

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The Failure of the Welfare State: The Case of Argentina and Brazil

Global Economy


The crisis-ridden welfare states of South America show us that the fabled "third way" to economic prosperity is not quite the cure-all we're told it is.

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Technological Innovation Is Nothing to Fear

Free MarketsCalculation and Knowledge


Robots are not fundamentally different from other labor-saving innovations, and there's no reason to believe increased innovation will lead to mass unemployment or mass poverty.

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In Brazil, Social Democracy Breeds Corruption

Global EconomyWorld History


Anti-poverty programs pushed by social democrats have enabled ever higher levels of corruption as bigger government programs mean the ultra-rich can skim more off the top.

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