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Isaac Morehouse works for the Institute for Humane Studies where he helps raise support for the Institute's programs.
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Environmental Protection Is a Consumption Good

Mises DailySeptember 7, 2011
If you are lost in the woods on the brink of starvation, you are less likely to look at a frog and think, "I hope that species of frog survives."...

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Areopagitica: Milton's Influence on Classical and Modern Political and Economic Thought

Mises DailyDecember 15, 2009
"Milton's argument that the people need free expression of thought rests not upon their inherent virtue, but upon the very fact that none of them are virtuous enough to properly decide the right books for all."...

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Areopagitica: Milton’s Influence on Classical and Modern Political and Economic Thought

Libertarian PapersSeptember 22, 2009
Abstract: This article draws general economic arguments against central planning, state licensure and regulation from Milton’s Areopagitica , a 17th Century pamphlet on free-speech. Though Milton’s work was written primarily as a defense for moral man and a warning against religious...

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Creating Disequilibrium, and Benefiting Society

Mises DailyMay 7, 2009
Right now, as the economy reshuffles, there are more opportunities to generate change than ever — the kind of dynamic change that we need to grow out of this slump...

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Generational Wealth: Hesiod versus Aristotle

Mises DailyJanuary 8, 2009
It is imperative that we remain realistic in our assessment of human nature and not forget that the basic principles which produced our prosperity still govern human action."...

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