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Hunter Lewis is author of twelve books, including The Secular Saints: And Why Morals Are Not Just Subjective, Economics in Three Lessons & One Hundred Economic Laws, Where Keynes Went Wrong, and Crony Capitalism in America 2008-2012, and has contributed to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Times of London, The Atlantic and many other magazines and web sites including and Lewis is also co-founder of Against Crony Capitalism, co-founder and CEO of investment firm Hunter Lewis LLC, and co-founder and former CEO of global investment firm  Cambridge Associates LLC. He has served on boards and committees of fifteen not-for-profit organizations, including environmental, teaching, research, and cultural organizations, as well as the World Bank.

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Is the Need for Stimulus "Undeniable"?

Other Schools of Thought

09/05/2011Mises Daily Articles
Keynes never provided a well-thought-out argument, much less real evidence, for showing why stimulus would work.
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Hutt's Crushing Blow to Keynes

Free MarketsOther Schools of Thought

07/22/2011Mises Daily Articles
Hutt's work in The Theory of Idle Resources is truly timeless, and being timeless, it is just as fresh and relevant today as when first published in 1939.
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Where Keynes Went Wrong

Other Schools of Thought

Lewis smashes the Keynes edifice completely in this extremely well-done book.
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Republican Debate: What Makes A Candidate Strong?


Commentators have called the last Republican debate "thermonuclear" and similar adjectives, but not "ill-mannered", which it was. Is this because good manners no longer matter? Or, do good manners actually count against you?

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Does Senator Cruz Want to Tax Small Business?


Does he realize what this would do to jobs?

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