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Guglielmo Piombini

Guglielmo Piombini is an Italian journalist who has collaborated in various magazines and newspapers including Liberal, il Domenicale, and Elite.  His articles have also appeared at Ludwig von Mises Italia. Piombini is also the founder of Tramedoro: the online platform that provides a detailed overview of every major classic of the social sciences. Specializing in medieval institutions he is the author of the book “Prima dello Stato, il medioevo della liberta” (“Before the State: The Middle Ages Of Liberty”). 

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Rousseau, Guevara, Marx and More: The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Left

World History

The moral corruption of many left-wing intellectuals shows itself in verbal ferocity, exhortations to violence, demonization of opponents, and lack of respect for the dignity of individuals.

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The Eternal Struggle Between the Merchant and the Bureaucrat

Global EconomyProtectionism and Free TradeWorld History

Civilization, it ought to be remembered, has been created by those men who have resisted power, not by those who have exercised it.
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Conceived in Liberty: The Medieval Communes of Europe

World HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

The urban "communes" of medieval Europe were the early cradle of economic and political freedoms that would transform Europe in later centuries.
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